Nous saluons le retour! (Welcome back!)

Welcome back!!

I have some big news to share and  several pictures to show you of  some of my bakes since my last post, (yeah, It’s been a while). even though I haven’t been posting here very often of my latest bakes I have been on my Instagram page. (I have a private account but you can check it out here.)

So my big news is, my little town is opening a bakery March 1st!! And I’m super excited to say that I’m going to be  working there! I am so amazed how God is working in my life with this and bringing the opportunity into my life. And it’s perfect timing too because I finish school  this year and don’t have money to go to pastry school like I want to yet. So while I’m waiting to go to school for the thing I love, I get to work at a bakery and do the thing I most enjoy. Baking.

With that being said  I hope you enjoy the pictures that follow! There are way to many to put in one post, so a part 2 will be coming in the near future! 🙂


 Confetti Cupcakes


Zucchini Muffins 


Chocolate Cake 


Chocolate Macarons 






Chocolate Strawberry Tart


Lemonade Cupcakes 


Flag Macarons 


Macarons In The Making 




Have an amazing day!name_1





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