Aqua gold speckled sugar cookies


Bonjour Friends!!

I hope your having a wonderful Monday! Today I baked vanilla sugar cookies from my new cook book called Sweet Bake Shop, this cook book is really cute and I already love it even though this was the second recipe I made from it!




After I had baked the cookies and let them cool I mixed up some royal icing and colored it aqua. I’ve been wanting to make royal icing for awhile, but just hadn’t, so now that I’ve made it I can say I really like it. The icing hardens and is smooth and it doesn’t taste bad on the cookie like I was expecting–plus they stack really well once dried.



I outlined the cookie with a thicker consistory of icing then added water to the rest of the icing to make it runnier, then I just flooded the cookie with that once the outline had hardened a little.


And then comes the best part, painting the cookie!  I dipped my paint brush in gold food paint and flicked the bristles across the cookie to give it a speckled look.




So yes, I would say they were quite a success!

Bonne journée!



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